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David Burgess
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20th July 2012

For over 12 months now, Ayima has been monitoring and analyzing data from the Travel Industry and specifically in the Hotel and Flights verticals within the space. To provide greater insight and to highlight further trends we’ve also been comparing performance of major brands in the US and the UK. Ayima has now compiled the research into one, comprehensive report, the SEO Travel Industry Review of 2012.

“Travel aggregators have saturated Google in 2012, leaving airlines and hotel brands with a dwindling SEO market share”

So who should read the review? This is a ‘must-read’ if you work for a major brand in the Travel Industry. The data within the report highlights this downward trend and provides initial guidance as to what needs to be done to regain the lost ground.

The review also provides those working in SEO with huge insight. Travel remains one of the most competitive spaces online and gaining understanding of exactly how and why certain websites perform is essential if you wish to offer paramount services to your clients.

“So why are the brands losing market share?

With the data to hand, there seems to be no clear reason as to why the major carriers and hotel chains are consistently being outperformed. All of the data points to them having a much stronger “Off-Page SEO” presence. What is holding them back? Why have the price comparison sites been able to overtake these long established, industry behemoths?”

Find out exactly why. Download your free copy of the SEO Travel Industry Review of 2012 (PDF) today.

SEO Travel Industry Review of 2012

Written By David Burgess
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