What Do You Really Want to #AskAyima?

Mallory Mabe
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26th March 2018

As part of a series of social competitions we ran in autumn 2017, we wanted to know the digital marketing questions that our audience (you guys!) would ask Google.

While we answered all of your questions during those competitions live on Twitter, we understand that you can’t always learn a new tactic or platform technique in such a small space. That’s why we’re taking #AskAyima even further in 2018.

Ask Ayima your digital marketing questions

So what exactly does this mean?

We’re expanding #AskAyima into a transparent platform that opens the conversation, providing you with all the digital marketing answers you truly want in the form of how-to guides, articles, videos and (very soon) training courses.

Covering everything from SEO and Social Media Advertising to Content Marketing and even Data Science, #AskAyima opens the conversation so you can easily ask us the burning question you have around the challenges you might be facing or the newest platform updates you need help adding into your marketing efforts.

We recently kicked things off with the first article of the #AskAyima series where we explained exactly how to implement the Facebook Pixel.

I need answers – how can I get involved?

All you have to do is, well, quite literally #AskAyima. Whether you’re an avid Twitter user, Facebook lover or prefer having a bit of a story time over on Instagram, tag us using #AskAyima with your digital marketing questions and we’ll provide the answers. Prefer to send it to us straight away? Ask your question below!

Send us your question!

Ask us your digital marketing question in the box below and we’ll get the answer onto our site soon!



Written By Mallory Mabe
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