Presentation: Analytics for Publishers

Peter O’Neill
Reading time: 1 minute
20th November 2015

L3 Analytics has worked with multiple publishers over the past few years, learning a lot along the way. Clients include Hearst Magazines (Elle, Cosmopolitan, etc), Euromoney, News UK and SciDev. From these experiences, we have developed a fairly standard approach around analytics for publishers, that provides the information they need to understand and improve their performance. The solution is customised to exact needs but we find the core components are common to any content website (articles, blog posts, etc).

For my recent talk at eMetrics London, I presented the approach used by L3 Analytics and these core components. Starting with the information needs of publishers and their actions that can be informed by analytics, the presentation details the information to be captured and how it can be used. Practical examples are provided with experiences of how publishers have used analytics and learnings from these experiences.


Analytics for publishers from Peter O’Neill

Written By Peter O’Neill
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