Featured in The Parliamentary Review for Digital Excellence

Aimie Lee
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14th October 2015

The Parliamentary Review is an annual initiative that is released to coincide with the beginning of the Parliamentary year. It is an indispensable guide to cross-sector best practice and how industry leaders have responded to challenges in the political and economic environment.

Recognised as a leading figure in our sector, Ayima has been selected to appear in The 2014–15 Parliamentary Review focussing on the digital and technology space.

Released in September, several editions of the report each focus on a key policy area and is backed by key government ministers including Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osbourne.

“Improving productivity – the amount that British workers produce for every hour they work – is the key route to making the UK stronger and families richer, and it’s the greatest economic challenge of our time.”

– George Osbourne

Delivered to over 250,000 leading business executives and policymakers, the Technology Edition is a learning tool for the public and private sector.

Chief Editor, The Rt Hon David Curry, said “The Review shows just how creative and committed the people are at the ‘coal-face’ of Britain’s economic and social performance.”

As well as political contributions, commentary is also provided by Mark D’Arcy, the BBC’s Parliamentary correspondent.

Speaking about Ayima’s contribution to the review, our CEO, Mike Jacobson, has said: “We’ve worked hard to ensure that Search is at the forefront of high-level business decisions. It’s great to see the government taking a keen interest in what we are achieving in our sector.”

For more information on the report, visit theparliamentaryreview.co.uk.

View and download the Review below.

The Parliamentary Review- Ayima

Written By Aimie Lee
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