Ayima London has a Softball team … SERPrise!

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7th May 2014

The Ayima team’s list of accomplishments grows year on year, and if we have any say in the matter, we’re going to add ‘Softball Champions’ to the mix. That’s right, the Ayima Softball Team, led by Captain Krish, we are fearless and prepared to take on the elite in the London Advertising Softball League (LASL).

SERPrise! (That’s our team name. Genius, we know).

To say we’re excited would be an understatement. For those of you who don’t know, softball is basically a game of rounders/baseball, except the ball is bigger and softer and you pitch under arm. It’s easy and as we’ve found out in training so far, a lot of fun.


This year the season, starting May, and will run until August, with each team playing a minimum of 11 games across the season at both Primrose Hill and Regent’s Park. Should we do well, we’ll get to play even more games, provided we reach the playoffs.

As well as the main tournament, the LASL will also be celebrating its 30th anniversary in the only way fit for the marketing softball elite: by hosting the Legged Tequila Softball event. Other events we look forward to invlolve the famous Summer Tournament, and the 30th Annual End of Season Party & Awards Presentation.

Will we be up there receiving an award? Perhaps. Who knows what Ayima Team SERPrise is capable of? Some of us could even make the All-star Rookie Team: the select squad of 14 players are trained up and flown to America to play in Palm Springs, California in the Autumn.

Or perhaps we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Win or lose, it’s going to be an eventful summer filled with sport, banter, revelations of deep-seeded competitive natures, team-building and a lot of laughs.

Written By Ayima
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