More Free Excel Dashboard Templates for Web Analytics

Peter O’Neill
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24th April 2012

Note: This post has moved from to Ayima as part of the 2018 acquisition.

The Excel template released in May last year for creating Performance dashboards has proven to be incredibly popular and successful.  It was downloaded over 7,000 times by the end of 2011 with people using it within small & big companies around the world.  The original blog post also hit some very high rankings in Google, around #2 for terms like excel dashboard templates.

Given this success, I have created two new Excel dashboard templates.  Many of the same features of the original template have been carried across to these new templates:

  • Automatic creation of dashboards based on the settings entered
  • Choose between a dashboard with or without segments
  • Ability to create a daily, weekly and monthly version of the dashboard
  • Define your own metrics including the number format and desired direction
  • Automatic updating of dashboard once data entered into Data Summary worksheet
  • Select the comparison period for metrics and the level for large movements in the metric
  • Any metric can be selected in a drop-down to appear in charts
  • Dashboards work in all versions of Excel except Excel ’04 for Macs

But these are new templates with new features, designed for different purposes.  I expect them to be most useful for web analytics data but some people may think of other purposes.

Ecommerce Dashboard Template

This dashboard template has been designed to be used with ecommerce websites.  The key difference from the Performance Dashboard is that the Ecommerce Dashboard contains a funnel instead of two of the data tables.  Other features include:

  • Two data tables containing up to four metrics each
  • Funnel with up to six stages containing metrics for each stage PLUS the completion rate between stages
  • Ability to select any metric or completion rate to appear in charts
  • Three versions of the dashboard containing either two charts or one chart + a commentary section

View of the Ecommerce Dashboard

Marketing Dashboard Template

This dashboard template has a very different format to the other two dashboard templates.  The main feature is a single data table that contains up to six metrics for each of a list of traffic sources – including “Other” and “Total”.  Other features include:

  • The % change against a previous period for each metric
  • Column chart allowing comparison of a KPI across all traffic sources
  • Line chart displaying trend for selected KPI for selected traffic source

Screenshot of Marketing Dashboard

Free Templates Downloads

As with the original dashboard templates, these templates are available for free download.  They are released under a Creative Commons licence meaning they are free to use but credit back to L3 Analytics must be retained.  The Performance Dashboard template has been updated to remove a few bugs and update the approach in saving data with the new version also available.

One user of the Performance Dashboard template asked if a button could be added so he could leave a contribution as a thank you for the dashboard.  Instead I request that anyone who benefits from these free templates makes a donation to charity.

Click through for more information and to download the free Excel dashboard templates.

Download Free Dashboard Templates

Written By Peter O’Neill
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