Google Jobs Is Now Officially Live in Canada

Aldo Stephanus
Reading time: 1 minute
26th April 2018

As the year progresses and the job search market remains exceedingly competitive, Google continues to grow its online job search channel to help facilitate this process. In a previous blog post, we talked about tracking in Google Analytics as being the latest Google Jobs update. The newest outlook? It’s now available to our friends in Canada.

The layout and usability of Google Jobs in Canada so far looks consistent with that in the US:

#1: Job Listing

Display is an enhanced search result that previews the top three job listings for the query.

#2: Job Detail

Comprehensive description of a job listing that can be dynamically filtered with various elements.

#3: Job Board Tracking for Google Analytics

Major boards in Canada are implementing Google Jobs tracking through Google Analytics

#4: Mobile Search

Google Jobs on mobile search appears as the only element above the fold.

The bottom line:

If optimized correctly, this expansion allows Canadian companies across all industries to garner significant traffic to their job postings, which ultimately leads to higher conversion rates meaning higher frequencies of qualified candidates hitting the “Send Application” button.

The geographic expansion up north also means that companies and staffing agencies with hiring operations in both Canada and the US will have access to recruitment data, analytics, and information that can be segregated by region, which can be leveraged strategically as an asset for various recruiting efforts.   

To take full advantage of the Google Jobs platform, check out our comprehensive blog post The Definitive Guide to Google Job Search and start ranking as soon as possible!

We’re excited about Google Jobs’ first expansion outside the US. As the year rolls on, where will it pop up next?  

Written By Aldo Stephanus
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