Google Jobs Now Being Tracked in Google Analytics

Brendon Wall
Reading time: 1 minute
16th March 2018

In a previous blog post, The Definitive Guide to Google Job Search, we discussed how to optimize your sites job postings to be shown in the Google job search engine. However, the problem was measuring the performance of job postings.  At the time, the only source of data available for Google Jobs was sampled data in Search Console, but that appears to have all changed recently. 

On February 28th, 2018, Google began segmenting the Google Jobs data as can be seen below in the Source/Medium report within Google Analytics.

The utm parameters are as follows:

  • utm_campaign=google_jobs_apply
  • utm_source=google_jobs_apply
  • utm_medium=organic

What does this mean? Essentially, this enables job posters such a recruiters, in-house human resource managers, etc. to create a new “Google Jobs Organic” segment within a GA profile, ultimately allowing us to properly assess the impact of Google Jobs on site traffic.

We suspect Google took their time allowing us to see this data, as they wanted to see for themselves if the job platform would actually drive site traffic.

It also appears to be here for good as we have seen this tracking across all major job boards in the US, examples are shown below.

We’re eager to analyze the impact that Google Jobs will have on site traffic, especially as it rolls out globally over the course of the year.

As we’re only just noticing this very recent update (which seems to not have any chatter around it online yet) , keep an eye out for more insights and updates from us here on the Ayima blog soon.

Written By Brendon Wall
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