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4th April 2014

Everyone understands money – no two ways about it. No CEO is ever going to give you an honest high-five for organic traffic increases if revenue didn’t follow. This creates an issue since many SEOs focus heavily on rankings, traffic, and less on conversions and revenue. This is an unfortunate trend since understanding your conversions provides you with added insights to validate/adjust your strategy. Are we targeting the right kind of keywords? Are we driving adequate traffic to high revenue pages? Should we drop consumers coming in for product X farther into the funnel since they bounce from the category landing page?

Every site in the world has what I call “conversion deterrents” – something that causes someone to cart bounce. Some you can alter, like steps to convert, and some you can’t, like price. Understanding how to overcome alterable conversion deterrents can make the difference between revenue growth of 10% and 30%.

SEO Money

As an SEO, this concept is something we battle. Some SEOs will fight me on this saying, “my job is to drive traffic, it’s the UX’s job to get them to convert.” Valid point. But if organic search YoY revenue doesn’t go up guess whose budget gets cut? Hint, it’s not the UX guys.

The beauty of increasing conversion rates is that you have an opportunity to grow conversions at a higher rate than traffic. Let’s talk some magic – conversion funnel time! I’m not going to sugar coat it; building these will not make you an extra penny, understanding them will make you a hundred billion pennies. Why do people drop off when they view their cart? Why do people seem to go back to the cart when they’re at checkout?

SEO magic

A good way to think of conversion funnels is as indicators that uncover areas for further analysis. Is there something wrong with the cart page? Is it clear what they should do next?

How to Build a SiteCatalyst Conversion Funnel in 3 Easy Steps

Step #1 – use your siteKAT search bar on the left hand side and type “conversion” then click on the Purchase Conversion Funnel Report.

sitecatlyst search bar

Step #2 – Click on “Selected Events”.

sitecatlyst conversion funnel

Step #3 – add your metrics into the “Selected Events” and hit “OK”.

sitecatlyst metrics optionsBOOM! You have yourself a pretty little conversion funnel.

sitecatalyst conversion funnel completePutting a bow on it, understanding how people are converting on your site is a pivotal part of having a successful SEO strategy. Everyone understands money.

Written By Ayima
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