Report: Integrated Search Trends

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28th April 2015

The Search climate has changed for both organic Search (SEO) and paid Search (PPC) in recent years. Online Marketing has been overcome by the complexities of real-time, multi-device and multi-directional communications. Faced with the ever-evolving criteria for success, Search Marketers are forced to embrace a single concept: Integration.

Integrated Search is commonly referred to as a strategic balance between organic and paid Search. Now politics, change management and leverage are just important as HTML tags and keyword bidding.

Recently, we hosted a roundtable at Econsultancy Digital Cream. Search Director, Joe Crowther shared his knowledge about the importance of Integrated Search.

As a follow on, we have collaborated with Econsultancy to develop an 18-page report: ‘Integrated Search Trends Briefing’. The report is focused on the evolving nature of Integrated Search Marketing, as highlighted by Ayima and digital marketing delegates. It addresses how we, as Search Marketers, need to understand each channel’s limitations to bridge the gap with the strengths of the other.

Read the full report here.


Success for an Integrated Search Marketer is tied to the ability to embed SEO and PPC tactics across an organisation’s marketing department. Ayima’s core mission is to drive intelligent Search Marketing strategies through data collaboration, business leverage and advanced analytics. We have developed Ayima OneSearch, which is aimed at just that.

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Written By Ayima
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