Breaking Down the Barriers to the Use of Digital Analytics

Peter O’Neill
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4th August 2017

Note: This post has moved from to Ayima as part of the 2018 acquisition.

Way back on the 21st Jan 2015, I gave a talk at Superweek, up on the mountaintops outside Budapest.  This talk was inspired by my experiences in the Digital Analytics world and my frustration that so many of the problems faced appear common to organisations around the world.  I had even been able to take over an initial prospect discussion and complete the second half of their story, so familiar were all of the issues they faced.

And if these problems, these barriers, are so common and so well known, well then why do they still exist?

My presentation describes a set of seven barriers, those that I find the most common.  But I go on to counter these barriers with a set of nine actions that every organisation should be taking to overcome these barriers and to get more value from their use of Digital Analytics.

I have since given this talk numerous times around the world, at eMetrics London and at multiple MeasureCamps.  I have probably used elements of it in every presentation since and in so many of my discussions around Digital Analytics.  But for some reason, it never made the blog, so here it is.

Luckily, Zoli (founder of Superweek), in his usual wisdom, videoed the session so anyone can watch the very first time this talk was given.  Alternatively, to so through at your own pace, you can download a PDF copy of the deck.  Note that due to the merger of L3 Analytics with AEP Convert to become LeapThree, the deck has been rebranded.

I honestly don’t know why I haven’t shared this talk until now, its clearly been a hectic couple of years.  With the best intentions of getting back into writing regular blog posts, the starting point for me will be a series based on this talk and the ideas within it.  One blog post will be a bit depressing as it will describe all the barriers organisations have to overcome to realise real value from their investment in Digital Analytics.  But the other nine will be must more useful, describing each of the actions that I recommend organisations take to get better results.

Let me know any questions/feedback/preferences for the action to describe first but otherwise stay tuned…

By the way, I can’t recommend Superweek highly enough.  Great presentations from some of the best Digital Analysts from all over the world with possibly even better discussions between sessions and around the bonfire in the evening (while its snowing).  If you haven’t been previously, kick yourself and then get a ticket for the next one!

Written By Peter O’Neill
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