5 Web Analytics Tips

Peter O’Neill
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14th October 2011

Note: This post has moved from Leapthree.com to Ayima as part of the 2018 acquisition.

I was given a speaking slot at Conversion Thursday London last night and, while I have spoken at various events previously, I think this was the first time presenting to my peers in the web analytics community.  So thank you Rob & Elisa DBI for the opportunity.  And of course thanks to Epiphany Solutions for sponsoring the event.

With vague guidelines of 10 minutes and talking about something relevant and interesting, I decided to practice what I have preached about other presentations and provide practical tips on applying Web Analytics.  With that time limit, I restricted myself to five tips and keeping them brief and to the point.  While they had to be something that could be applied immediately, all tips were tool agnostic with examples provided using my primary tools, SiteCatalyst and Google Analytics.

Most of the tips have been covered elsewhere in previous blogs but this should prove to be a useful reference guide.  Of course it is intended to be incredibly useful if you have not previously read those posts.  I believe the talk went fairly well and I managed to not speak too quickly.  I do recommend viewing the presentation in full screen mode in order to see the details on the screenshots.

Five tips in ten minutes from Peter O’Neill

The key outcome for me was I reached my target KPI with over 75% of the audience raising their hands at the end to say they had received at least one useful tip.  Unfortunately the SiteCatalyst Campaign URL & SAINT Builder is not yet ready and will be released early next week.

As ever, let me know if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the tips I provided.  And I am looking forward to future speaking opportunities so get in contact if you would like someone to present on topics around the purpose and use of web analytics.

Written By Peter O’Neill
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