5 Tips for Graduates Looking to Kick-Start Your Digital Marketing Career

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6th November 2018

After spending three years at university, studying PR and marketing and focusing my studies on Artificial Intelligence and advanced technologies, I felt ready and driven to venture into the ever-growing and fast-paced digital marketing sector. Excited and proud that I had made it out of university alive (and that I somehow survived the all-night study sessions), I came to Ayima as a Graduate Paid Media Analyst.

Are you thinking about your next steps as a graduate? This blog will outline my role within the Paid Media team at Ayima, tips on how to prepare for an interview and how to succeed once you’re in your first job.

Why paid media?

The advancement of technology and social media platforms has led to the evolution of digital marketing and Internet advertising, which has revolutionised the online customer experience. Almost half the world’s population use some form of social media and more than half are online (Statista, 2018), putting marketing as a sector and technology as a whole at the forefront and cutting edge of our society.

This is what inspired me to work for an agency like Ayima, as it embraces the ever-changing on-demand economy and develops innovative digital marketing solutions. Working for an agency, you work alongside people with a variety of backgrounds. And it’s not only a pleasure when it’s time to come together and brainstorm ideas, because it’s also a blast during our team building and recreational events.

My role at Ayima:

As a new graduate starting my role here at Ayima, I was open-minded and eager to learn as much as possible, and I feel I’ve achieved this since my arrival in July this summer. Working within the Paid Media team, I have had the opportunity to not only gain insight into the different areas of Paid Media but also into the other integral departments.

Over the past few months, I have worked with a range of clients utilising skills from PPC, Paid Social and Programmatic Display. Although I studied marketing at university, I only had a very brief understanding of these three areas of digital marketing. Throughout my training, however, my team has provided me with tasks and challenges that have allowed me to learn these three new areas in depth. It’s also further developed my understanding of digital marketing, adding commercial value to what I learnt at university.

For any graduate considering a career in digital marketing, here are my top 5 tips:

#1: Do your homework:

Make sure you have researched the company and can demonstrate a basic understanding of the work they do and channels or tools they utilise. Every digital marketing company has a different ethos, set of strategies and clients. Find out what these are and I guarantee you’ll be one step closer to becoming part of their team.

If you’re not sure where to start, have a look at these key pages on the Company’s website:

  • About
  • What We Do/Our Services/Our work
  • Our Clients/Case Studies
  • Values

#2: Research terminology:

Research digital marketing terminology and metrics. There are a lot of acronyms in digital marketing that you may not have learned at university or in previous jobs or internships. If you can talk about some of these confidently in your interview then you could stand out from the crowd. In preparation for an interview, I recommend reading articles by the company and industry professionals, watching YouTube videos and even finding a book that outlines some of the fundamental acronyms.

#3: Stay up to date:

Keep in the loop with what’s happening within the digital marketing sector. As technology, platforms and marketing tools evolve, it’s important to stay up to date. A simple way to do this is to follow the blogs or social media accounts for major platforms like:

They often share their latest news and platform features on these channels, making it easy to be in the know!

#4: Ask questions and be eager to learn:

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. When you’re starting out in a role, it’s important to be inquisitive. Don’t worry about making the occasional mistake, either, because it’s also important to learn from your experiences. The digital marketing industry is fast paced and constantly growing, so be sure to show that you’re willing to learn in both the interview and on the job and not just along for the ride! 

For insights into what you could be asked during your interviews I highly recommend checking in with your university’s career hub or looking at major job sites like Reed and Monster who both offer lists of the most common questions you’re likely to come across.

#5: Be yourself:

Above all else, it’s important to be yourself in the interview process. One of the reasons you’ll be chosen for a role is because your interviewer can envisage you working well with the team and company ethos. It’s also important that the company is right for you.

Working in a role in paid media equips you with fundamental skills that you can continually develop throughout your career. In my first few months at Ayima I have done a range of tasks from presenting to clients, to reporting and running campaigns.

When you start out, you can expect to improve your fundamental skills, such as those you use in Excel, but you can also learn how to master the world’s leading social platforms like Facebook. To top it all off, you’ll get to work with a variety of highly respected brands and companies.

After landing this type of role, it is only onward and upwards from here!

Are you looking to kick-start your career in digital marketing? We’d love to hear from you! Send us your CV and we’ll be in touch.

Written By Ayima
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