Simon Löfwander

Data Scientist

A Little Bit About Simon

As Data Scientist for Ayima, Simon brings his academic background in statistics and statistical-/machine learning to the forefront of his work in digital marketing, incorporating data science and machine learning models to gain actionable insight and provide recommendations in both SEO and Paid Media. The learning models Simon has developed have uncovered the importance of capitalising on data science and AI-technology to keep up in a rapidly changing business, which has materialised in Ayima’s newly released service “Performance Analytics” and proprietary AI platform, Ayima Intelligence.

Some of the insights Simon has uncovered for Ayima’s clients include advanced forecasting of demand and spend, algorithmic profitability modelling to identify and adjust bidding schedules, measuring impact of marketing events, optimising budget allocations and using machine learning to predict rank and assess the relative importance of ranking factors.

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