Chief Executive Officer

Mike Jacobson

A Little Bit About Mike

After escaping the stark confines of Canberra and then Sydney, MJ -as he hates to be known- made it to Europe in 1999. He has extensive experience in fine dining and wine sampling as well as stints in various dot-com start-ups and online poker rooms.

It was at PartyGaming PLC where he met Mike Nott and Tim Webb who ran the company's SEM team. "We immediately hit it off because we had a similar kind of work ethic and I guess we both had a similar outlook in that we like to prove things, we like to problem-solve and find out the real reason behind what drives a business."

"We decided from very early on that the niche we wanted to go for was to be the "expert's expert" in SEO and target the really big, yet under-performing brands." Ayima would focus on delivering traffic and revenues, and clients would speak directly with the consultants without the usual agency account management hierarchy in-between. "We told our clients we'd deliver numbers and we delivered" says MJ, and the company's reputation quickly became built on these solid results.

MJ’s passion for coffee knows no bounds. He is always full of beans and his dedication to the search for the perfect office coffee machine may soon reach fruition. Watch this space – as MJ always says "better latte than never".

MJ’s passion for coffee knows no bounds. Frustrated by the general standard of British cafes, he has installed a professional espresso machine in the office and is also the brains behind the new restaurant/café, 100 Hoxton.

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