Jane Copland


A Little Bit About Jane

Born and raised in New Zealand until the age of 18 when she moved to the United States to take up a swimming scholarship at Washington State University, Jane has always loved computers. "I remember the first time I used a computer when I was five, it was one of those Macs with green writing on a black screen and I was in love straight away."

At university, most of Jane's time was taken up by training for and competing in swimming events - she swam at 6am and then again at 3pm - although she managed to make waves building a few websites in her spare time. After graduation, she landed an entry-level job at legendary Seattle-based SEO firm SEOmoz, and went on to work at the company for two and a half years.

Looking to make a splash elsewhere, Jane hasn't looked back since she dove into the London scene and accepted a job offer from Rob Kerry. "Ayima works at the very top end of competitiveness in any market we work in, I like tough, top-level competition. Working for Ayima has similarities to competing at a high level in sport."

Coming from one of the best known SEO brands in the world, Jane believes that Ayima has a great team whose strength is built on a huge variety of skills - personal and technical - ranging across internet marketing. "The company also has the data that other companies struggle to get their hands on, which is very powerful when used properly."

Although Jane no longer swims competitively, she still follows the sport. Over the years she has seen many swimming world records broken and counts her favourite as watching Susan O'Neill smash the 18-year-old 200 metre butterfly record in 1999.

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