David Burgess


A Little Bit About David

Originally hailing from Malvern, home of the famous spring water in the UK, Dave has worked in SEO since 1999. With a spring in his step, he applied for a job at Ayima because, "we have tools and data that are unrivalled in the industry. These provide insights that other people agencies just don't have. We prove our theories through cold hard facts."

On leaving UCL, Dave, fizzing with ideas, formed a company building websites and software for property agents. When ranking at #1 on Altavista's SERPs for property terms became essential, he researched the algorithms and learnt to build SEO friendly sites. He moved to an SEO agency and then to TouchLocal, a leading online business directory where he learned about SEO for huge sites, project management and agile product development.

His advice to other SEOs to precipitate continued success is to "Just keep crunching data. The devil is in the detail, especially for huge, complex sites. There will be numerous opportunities to realise what you're not benefiting from in terms of links and fixing errors."

Dave moved to NYC in January 2012 to set up Ayima's operation in the bustling heart of SoHo and now has a vibrant team of SEOs working on some of the largest, most complex engagements for Fortune 20, household brands.

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