Head of Technology

Dan Smith

A Little Bit About Dan

Dan has always been facinated with technology. From a young age his parents were constantly frustrated at his tendancy to take his toys apart to see how they worked, thankfully he (nearly) always managed to put them back together again, and occasionally they still worked. Once he was old enough to realise what a computer was, he never looked back.

However the road to being a developer for Dan was not with out it's twists and turns. Dan found minor success in his teens as a child actor, appearing in such television staples as The Bill and Casualty. Some of his exploits can still be found on Youtube if you know the correct people to bribe. During this time, he was building computers for family, putting together simple websites to support his hobbies such as PC gaming, and taking his first steps in to the wide world of programming. He didn't imagine that he could turn this hobby in to a real job and so he continued to prepare for a life of being an unemployed actor.

He was just about to leave for university to study drama, when he had a startling realisation: being an actor is a pretty bad career choice. He then quickly had a second startling realisation: he was, in fact, not a good actor. He was actually far better at making computers do what he wanted, and so did a complete career 180 overnight.

Over the next few years he worked for a cab company while he taught him self how to build websites and applications properly. Then in 2006 he finally landed a job at a publishing company called Factory Media, helping them to grow from 4 small websites to 25+ very big websites. More importantly his boss there was the brother-in-law of a certain Mr. Rob Kerry and so he discovered Ayima.

About Ayima, Dan says "for me the major draw of Ayima is their focus on technology and people. Finding a team with the right mix of talent and passion is really hard, and I'm very lucky I found it".

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