Brandon Millard

Search Director

A Little Bit About Brandon

Brandon was 19 when he started his first internet business, a car forum that grew into one of the largest car communities in the United States. This began many years of exploring exactly what makes an internet business shine; looking at design, content, community building, brand and SEO.

Despite working on website side-projects at university, Brandon still found himself living on the budget of a poor college student. He soon found that SEO gave him the ability to attract new visitors to his sites by using creativity and elbow grease, rather than brute force and heavy spending (PPC to the rest of us). Within his field of e-commerce and lead-generation marketing, Brandon is also a dab hand at PPC and email marketing.

For Brandon, Ayima have "the most knowledgeable consultants combined with great proprietary technology and support." He believes that the team’s medium size means that Ayima consultants are much better placed to ask their colleagues for help when faced with new and puzzling issues. "We are nimble to the changing nature of SEO, without being too small where you find critical gaps in the collective knowledge pool."

He feels SEO should complement and extend a business’s existing strategies and processes, helping to improve their focus on a customer’s online experience. It's not just SERPs, but improved usability and increased conversion rates that should both integrate into a successful SEO strategy.

During a term at Cambridge University (part of his business studies at Wake Forest University), Brandon first came across those peculiar species, the British. The London office are still working on making him a true "Anglophile" though.

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