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First SEO Impressions and On-Page SEO

Interior Design

On-page optimisation is aimed at making your website pleasing to the very discerning eyes of Google’s bots and spiders. They take in reams of information relating to quality content, in particular related keywords, as well as a host of other factors. It is vital to make their job as quick and easy as possible. Your website needs to be inviting and easy for them to navigate or they may simply jump ship to one of your competitors.

We provide detailed specifications and audits to your web developers to enhance the efficiency of Google’s robot minions as they crawl through your website. By making their stay a pleasant and engaging one we can ensure that they continue to enjoy your hospitality more at the expense of your competitors.

Show off your Big Guns – Site Architecture

The quality of your web content is crucial, which is why the core material must receive adequate prominence, both to the eye of human user, as well as Google’s analysis of link Authority within the site.

The internal linking structure and Information Architecture must be devised to allow easy access to all of the content. A hierarchy within the architecture must be set up to reflect the importance of individual website pages. Duplicated content must also be stripped to preserve your site’s integrity. This is especially relevant in light of Google’s latest Panda Update.

Your Engine and Navigation – Technical Quality

Once you are satisfied with your website’s appearance and its internal features, it is important that you can show it off to its full advantage with a navigation that is clear and concise, giving prominent links to the most important parts of the site.

On-site optimisation has a complex, technical aspect as well – for example, Google now uses site load-speed as one of their ranking factors. It is therefore vital for a successful SEO campaign that the hosting platform of the site is robust and delivers your webpages in the blink of an eye.

Understanding Complexity

Getting the most out of your website requires constant monitoring and maintenance to ensure that your performance is not just passable but superior to your competitors.

The mechanics of SEO involve a myriad of other technical configuration elements that can be optimised with the particular hosting package, domain name, database and Content Management System (CMS) for example. An all-encompassing SEO audit is required to ensure that all your site’s related parts are constantly up-to-date and consistently working at optimum efficiency. Quality, clean website coding is vital not only for site speed, but also for ensuring the basic text content, meta-tags and requisite SEO elements are in place and can be easily found and indexed.

Understanding the technical complexities of websites is a core specialty of Ayima who only employ highly-trained SEOs with a proven track record of success on large, technically demanding websites competing in the most challenging verticals.