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Keeping Good Company – Off-Page SEO

Google’s robot minions are a very demanding bunch. Not only do they want to see that you keep your house in good order they also want to see what company you keep and being a loner is no help at all.

Links to your website from other websites helps make yours look important. However, it is important that you have good, respectable connections.
Linked websites’ reputations have a direct impact on your website in the eyes of Google’s army of bots and spiders. As in life the virtual world is about who you know.

Do your Friends reflect well on you? –
The Importance of Linking

Google updates the quality of webpages with increasing frequency so any external links on your websites need regular inspection to ensure that they still make you
look good.

The Google algorithm is essentially a link analysis engine that assigns a numeric value to any particular web page or document on the Internet and evaluates the volume, authority and relevance of links pointing to that document.

Google’s PageRank algorithm provides a score out of 10 for any particular web page that is an indication of the Link Authority of that page. However, the PageRank score is never an entirely truthful representation of the ability of that page to boost the rankings of pages it links to.

Are you in the right Crowd? –
Link Authority and Relevance

Google also wants to see that you are mixing in the right circles. Thus the external links to your website must also be relevant to your content as well as being reputable.

It is important that links are developed on highly relevant websites so for example, placing a link on a Photo Printing website to a site about finance comparison would have poor relevancy and provide little value. A highly relevant link would be placing a link on a tourist information portal to a car hire site.

Target sites need to be both thoroughly researched and analysed to establish their suitability and relevance. Ayima, similarly to Google, crawls through terabytes worth of data, and has our own internal tools that can distinguish relevance and authority of potential target sites. Over time our technical expertise has been honed to ensure that we can deliver a highly streamlined Link Development and acquisition process to build up the authority of websites over time but not at the cost of relevancy.

Keeping the Circle Tight – Leveraging Partnerships

Working with large corporations and understanding their structures and methodologies also puts Ayima in a position to carry out and train clients on Relationship Link Development. This leverages existing strategic partnerships and day-to-day business relationships for links. These can often provide highly prized authority links that sit tantalisingly out of reach of smaller, less established competitors or affiliates.