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Redirect Path – Our Free Google Chrome Extension

Since 2005, I’ve used a very handy tool called Web Sniffer for checking HTTP Headers and bad/chained website redirects. A humble redirect can sometimes decide whether a website ranks or not, capturing link authority from non-existant URLs or stopping Google from indexing a site properly. Tools such as Web Sniffer are very much *reactionary* though, something to prove your initial suspicions about how a website behaves.

That’s where Dan Smith, our brand spanking new (and awesome) Web Developer came in handy. One of Dan’s key responsibilities at Ayima, will be ensuring that our SEO Consultants never have to rely on 3rd party tools, plus always have the most accurate and well presented data to hand. So when Joe and Dave suggested we have a Google Chrome extension to replace our need for Web Sniffer, Dan got to work and produced an awesome tool the following day!

We couldn’t keep this one to ourselves, so Ayima is offering it out to SEOs and Web Developers alike, free of charge. Flagging up 301, 302, 404 and 500 HTTP Status Codes, our Redirect Path plug-in brings attention to potential issues that may not otherwise be seen. As well as flagging up redirects and errors, the plugin also displays other HTTP Headers (such as server types, cookies, caching etc) and the server IP Address at the click of a button. All the magic happens on your computer, so it doesn’t “phone home” to anyone (except when auto-updating itself) and is instantaneous.

Over to Dan, for the quick install guide…

UPDATED: We’ve made installation even easier! Simply visit our Chrome Web Store page and click “Add To Chrome”.

You’re all done! Extension installed. You’ll get a new icon next to the top address bar:
Redirect Path - Step 3
If the plugin detects any redirects or errors, it will change the icon like below:
Redirect Path - Step 4
Clicking the icon will show you further details, including the full redirect chain:
Redirect Path - Step 5
Finally, you can click on any of the items in the path to see any additional headers sent along with that request, including the final successful page request:
Redirect Path - Step 6

Thanks Dan!

Rob Kerry

Rob Kerry

Rob was 14 years old when he started his first internet business and made his initial foray into SEO. Since then he has started a second solo web business, worked as Head of SEO for a renowned digital agency, added to th...

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Rob Duckers

Sincerely: thanks for sharing. It’s a useful extension that displays information really clearly.



Thanks Dan :)



Great stuff. Another handy tool provided to the community for free.


David Sottimano

Very nice, thank you.


Modesto Siotos

Great job guys!
I’ve been dreaming of such a tool for quite a while now. It will save people loads of time.

Thanks for sharing!


Russ Jones

Awesome works folks, very useful – saves the headache of having to copy and paste URLs into a separate tool that does this. Nice work.


Ben Milleare

Awesome, I was looking for something like this only last week.


Brandon Millard

Looks like I am going to have to change to Chrome now :)
I look forward to seeing Dan’s future tools.



IMHO, the best redirect checker for chrome. Sometimes I’d just fire up firefox to check headers because I couldn’t find a chrome plugin that I liked…looks like you guys have sorted that out. Thanks Dan :)


Jonathan Coffey

great tool, great post, easy install instructions. thanks!



Thank you! (:



Thanks for the great tool, but I’m having a bit of a dilemma here. I’m being assured that our site and those of our clients are using 301s on the root domain to the www, but this tool keeps telling me they’re all 302s. Any idea why that would be?


Dan Smith

Randy, I’d need to see an example site to be sure but this information comes from Chrome’s internal API’s, so it’s fairly foolproof..



Great tool guys! :)


Daryl Cygler

SEO Respect…..


Paul Mc

very nice thanks for sharing


Andy Kuiper

Nice tool, thanks :-)


Martin Oxby

Just came to this site from an excellent SEOMoz article about Redirects – nice to see an extension which is going to be useful and save time, and make redirect checking quick. Just thought I’d point out where your extension got plugged


(Feel free to add the actual link if you think it’d be useful to those who land here).