Ayima Offices

SEO Consultancy

We provide a SEO corporate consultancy service to medium to large sized businesses, having worked with some of the world’s largest brands to make them market leaders in SEO. The nature of our business means that we focus on providing a bespoke service depending on their needs. Our pricing model is flexible to meet client requirements, but usually consists of a fixed monthly retainer and an additional monthly spend for link development.

Starting on the right foot – Initial SEO Audit

Intelligence is key, especially about what’s happening in-house. It may be a bore and you probably have had it done before but it’s crucial we know your exact current position before we can work how to get you where you need to go.

New clients always receive a thorough initial SEO audit to establish how exactly we can help as well as provide estimates for what performance we can deliver. We re-audit the site every 6 months so that we can ascertain the position of the business in the constant evolving market that it operates as well as give updates SEO performance targets. In addition, our bespoke reporting system gives regular reports so that SEO performance is constantly monitored and strategy can be adapted to reflect changing circumstances. Audits are available as a Technical “Change Request” Document (Issue, Solution, Action, Priority) or as a more traditional audit document with comprehensive SEO explanations and reasoning.

Market Intelligence Reporting

Ayima can offer a full picture of who is currently leading the SEO channel in your vertical based on search traffic, rankings and CTR estimations. Weekly league tables of SEO market movements are available as standard for all clients, showing the effects of Google algorithm changes and competitor SEO activities as we chart your rise to the top. The image below shows part of a Market Intelligence report for the UK Broadband vertical from August 2011.

Competitor Intelligence

Being good doesn’t win market share, being better does. That’s why you need to know exactly what you are up against.

Ayima uses its vast data archives to review your competitors in SEO, which are often very different to your competitors in other marketing channels (especially in the more traditional retail and financial verticals). Our consultants analyse this data to compile a report on current competitor link activity, on-page strategies, risks and how to compete against those sites.

Deep Site Analysis

Ayima crawls and analyses millions of web pages every day. We can use this technology to analyse your website in a similar way to Google so we can have access to detailed insights into your site structure, link authority flow, HTML mark-up and on-page issues. This tells us which areas of your site other search engines may struggle to find or efficiently crawl. Our crawler can readily accommodate sites of any size, having previously worked with clients sites’ that have tens of millions of pages to analyse. No other SEO agency has technology as advanced as our web crawler.

Daily/Weekly Rankings

We provide regular reporting on the rankings of your core target terms from our data warehouse. Ayima collates data from multiple Google/Bing data centers and at varying time-points in the day, to remove anomalies and account for systemic fluctuations.