Ayima’s name and branding abused for scam

Recently Ayima has been tracking an on-going scam that makes use of our name and branding. The scam involves reaching out to members of the public with offers of employment and then asking them to either deposit money or complete work for which they then don’t end up being paid for. 

This scam appears to be very organised and persistent; so far we’ve tracked them registering at least 20 domains using our name, with new ones popping up as soon as another is taken down. 

To be clear, Ayima will never send unsolicited emails offering employment so if you do receive an email like this you should mark it as spam and ignore it. 

If you’ve fallen victim to this or any other kind of scam you should report it immediately to your local fraud reporting agency, such as ActionFraud in the UK, the Anti Fraud Center in Canada or the FTC in the USA. You can also report scams globally via econsumer.gov.