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Are you an SEO, looking to reach your full potential?

Ayima is looking to grow its team of SEO experts, ready to take on new clients in 2013. Work with massive brands, in a non-corporate environment, with the leaders in SEO! We’re currently hiring SEO Consultants in London and New York

Skill Requirements

  • An in-depth knowledge of on-page/off-page ranking factors
  • Methodically dissect any website, find out why it’s not ranking
  • 3+ years of previous work experience in an SEO role
  • Read/Write knowledge of HTML mark-up
  • Have your own sites or be active in the SEO community
  • Live & Breathe SEO

Ayima Benefits

  • Learn SEO techniques not found on forums/blogs
  • Use unparalleled in-house crawling/intelligence technology
  • Work with brands that don’t make people say, huh?
  • Competitive salary based on skills and experience
  • Great work atmosphere, with regular pool + beer sessions
  • Travel the world and experience SEO on an international scale

A little bit about Ayima

With a reputation for delivering significant long-lasting results and ROI, Ayima is in the fortunate position of picking and choosing its client portfolio. Our waiting list includes high street brands that want to move away from their non-performing or risky incumbent agency. It’s Ayima’s policy to work with non-conflicting clients, which gives our team variety in their work and also prevents a tussle between clients over rankings. As well as working with large UK, US and global brands, Ayima also gives back to the community in any way it can. Our team are given the chance to use part of their resource on non-profit/charity projects for the local and wider community. These include homeless charities near our UK and US offices, as well as a global charity working to free wrongly imprisoned citizens in foreign countries.

Jane Copland SEO Consultant

I moved to Ayima from SEOmoz in Seattle at the beginning of 2009. I was a consultant at SEOmoz for two and a half years, but was interested in getting into some competitive European markets. I knew Ayima as a leader in competition, data and proprietary technology: joining the team immediately allowed me to work on a range of different things, from large corporate clients, to in-house projects. In the three years I’ve been here, I’ve learned massive amounts about technical SEO and general marketing. I’ve also met some of my best friends through working here, and traveled to Australia, Germany, the Czech Republic and around the US. It’s an absolutely unbeatable environment to work in. Oh, and I got to meet David Beckham whilst on-site with a client once!

Carl Hendy Global Head of Search

Ayima has a LOT of proprietary data and tools which makes justifying SEO to clients simple and logical. Having always relied on 3rd party SEO data and tools, it was refreshing to move to an agency that had invested time and money into building in-house software, plus ensuring that we offer clients market intelligence data. We don’t have sales staff at Ayima and clients deal directly with consultants. This makes going to client meetings that little bit easier when you know that someone won’t be trying to up-sell services at every opportunity whilst you’re trying to offer SEO advice. I previously worked at a full service agency outside of London with a great team, but felt I wanted a more challenging role – which Ayima offers.

Dave Burgess Client Services (US)

Since leaving UCL I was still seeking a career I could excel in. I set up and worked in start-ups, VC funded dot com’s, been a self-employed SEO, worked in-house, worked agency side, managed clients and managed teams. There was a point one day in 2010, when a switch triggered and I realised that I was ready for a new challenge. For the first time, I decided to put my head above the parapet, reach out and send my CV into Ayima after reading a great SEO blog post by, my now boss, Rob Kerry. Nobody had introduced me, I just had a feeling from what I’d read about Ayima that I could fit in and become part of the furniture. Deep down, I knew that I had accumulated a huge amount of experience and had a lot to offer. If you’re in the same boat as I was, I can assure you that it’s worth thinking about. At the end of May 2010 I had the best news I had ever had. I’d been accepted to join Ayima. I can say honestly that it’s the best move I’ve ever made, I’ve travelled the world speaking at internationally renowned conferences. I’m faced with complex challenges on a daily basis, requiring the most elegant solutions. I come to work every day with a smile on my face and am pleased to say that I have the friendship and support of the best team in the world!

Sam Gipson SEO Consultant

After spending 4 years at a local digital agency, I was dazzled by the bright lights of London and joined Ayima in March 2011. I wanted to continue working in an agency environment, having already experienced in-house and freelance roles, and Ayima was the perfect fit. Unlike previous positions, I’m being constantly challenged to find solutions to complex problems. This has enabled me to develop and refine my SEO skills as well as learning to taylor my approach to fit the challenges presented by big corporates. Working alongside some of the nicest SEO professionals at the top of their game, in a relaxed and fun environment makes it a pleasure to come in to work everyday. Did I mention the Ayima pool table, giant coffee machine and beer fridge?

Brandon Millard SEO Consultant

I joined the Ayima team (Raleigh, NC office) in February 2011 and have loved it ever since! You are truly joining a crew of consultants that know their stuff at Ayima. I had job ADD – I found myself learning all I could at a company and then jumping ship to something bigger, more challenging, and fresh. My voyage through traditional marketing, community management, paid search, SEO, and lead generation for several startups and successful internet companies has been awesome but I was looking for the next challenge when I met Ayima. Moving from client-side SEO to agency-side has been a real eye opener. The knowledge gap between the two sides is quite amazing. Now backed by a team of mentors and awesome proprietary tools, I am able to look at the internet in a whole new view. As a consultant facing large corporate brands in highly competitive SEO arenas, I get to solve new problems everyday – peek inside the inner workings of smart business strategies – and work with great people. Ayima, a cure to job ADD!

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