Ayima Offices

Our Approach

Search Engine Optimisation requires a fully integrated approach. It requires the use of all available resources within an online business. Permanent changes are required to ensure that Publishing, IT Systems and Marketing all operate efficiently and in tandem.


Ayima specialises in full-service and bespoke internet marketing solutions tailored to your sustained business needs. After the initial audit we work alongside the permanent staff to achieve full implementation and integration of SEO best-practice from the inside-out.

Mutual Goals

We are only interested in the long-term viability of the client business and we will therefore equip our clients with the technical tools necessary to fulfill the requirements of any possible future direction in marketing strategy. SEO is mostly about making a user-friendly, functional website that utilises simple but efficient technical architecture combined with relevant and useful content.

Ayima's approach to SEO

All Bases Covered

We consider all aspects of the business, from the product itself to website design, functionality and visitor conversion. We will help you to create a technically sound and user intuitive website which, when coupled with creative promotional campaigns, will in turn boost traffic, search rankings and sales for your company.