Ayima Offices

Meet The Team

Team Picture - London Office 2012

  • Mike
    • Mike Jacobson 
    • Managing Director / CEO
    • After escaping the stark confines of Canberra and then Sydney, MJ -as he hates to be known- made it to Europe in 1999. He has extensive experience in fine dining and wine sampling as well as stints in...

  • Mike
    • Mike Nott 
    • Group Operations Director
    • Contrary to popular belief, Mike was not an SEO geek as a child. "Growing up, my life was purely music, music, music! Besides, search engines hadn't yet been invented...".

  • David
    • David Burgess 
    • Vice President Operations (US)
    • Originally hailing from Malvern, home of the famous spring water, Dave has worked in SEO since 1999. With a spring in his step, he applied for a job at Ayima because, "we have tools and data that are...

  • Janaya
    • Janaya Wilkins 
    • SEO Business Development
    • Janaya originally hails from Wellington, New Zealand. Janaya has always been interested in all things digital. The path that took her to Ayima has included working in IT and travelling the world, before settling in London to take a Masters degree and then move into SEO...

  • Nicky
    • Nicky Applegarth 
    • Director of Client Services
    • Born in south London, but raised in the north of the capital, Nicky has been working in online marketing since 1999.

  • Hanna
    • Director of Finance
    • Originally hailing from the island of Öland, off the south east coast of Sweden, Hanna has spent much of her adult life in Stockholm. In 2010 she came to London to take up the position of Group Finance Manager at Ayima.

  • Tony
    • Tony Spencer 
    • Vice President of Development
    • After studying Computer Engineering at NC State, Tony moved to Silicon Valley "to work with the biggest nerds in the world". In just a few years, he rose to become VP of Engineering at a large blue chip...

  • Nick
    • Nick Redding 
    • Senior SEO Strategist
    • Nick's path into SEO began during University via PPC. "I started promoting affiliate products using Google AdWords and realised that getting a website to rank organically would be far more profitable than paying Google"...

  • Brandon
    • Brandon Millard 
    • Senior SEO Strategist
    • Brandon was 19 when he started his first internet business, a car forum that grew into one of the largest car communities in the United States. This began many years of exploring exactly what makes an internet business shine...

  • Joe
    • Joe Crowther 
    • Senior SEO Consultant
    • Joe's interest in computers started out when his parents bought him an Amiga 1200 at the age of 7, the ultimate in geek chic! Whilst his adventures into SEO started just after university...

  • Sam
    • Sam Gipson 
    • Senior SEO Consultant
    • An Essex boy from Brentwood, Sam first had access to the internet at secondary school and hasn't looked away from his Mac since. After school, Sam took an apprenticeship in business administration and...

  • Ian
    • Ian Pereira 
    • Senior SEO Consultant
    • Ian's road into SEO has been written in the stars since a young age. Whilst his marketing friends were honing their search skills in the PPC game, Ian picked up the joystick of SEO - it was destiny.

  • Stephen
    • Stephen Massart 
    • Senior SEO Consultant
    • Steve originally hails from the small town of Kenton-on-Sea, near Port Elizabeth, in South Africa. He has been living in the UK for the last 14 years, and he is now married with a young daughter.

  • David
    • David Sosnowski 
    • Director of Analytics & Data Insight
    • David got his start as a programmer building websites and databases for some of the largest businesses in the US.

  • Mark
    • Mark Tempest 
    • Senior SEO Consultant
    • Mark has worked in SEO for over a decade, heading up the online team at a top sports publication before emigrating to Vancouver in Canada. He now works as part of Ayima's US team and specialises in Video SEO and the problems encountered when managing large websites.

  • Jane
    • Jane Copland 
    • Consultant
    • Born and raised in New Zealand until the age of 18 when she moved to the United States to take up a swimming scholarship at Washington State University, Jane has always loved computers. "I remember the...

  • Toby
    • Toby Neilson 
    • SEO Consultant
    • A native of Maidstone, Kent, Toby says he started to "properly" getting into computers when he was about 14.

  • Simon
    • Simon Panting 
    • SEO Consultant
    • Much of Simon's life has been dominated by a single-minded passion, so it was probably only natural that he would end up at Ayima...

  • Ryan
    • Ryan Huser 
    • SEO Consultant
    • Both the technical side and aesthetics of web design have always come naturally to Ryan, which probably has something to do with being the son of a United States Air Force communications specialist and an interior designer.

  • Justin
    • Justin Samuel 
    • Senior SEO Consultant
    • Justin originally hails from Windsor and Eton in Berkshire. He has been working with the internet since the internet boom of 2001, during which time he has picked up a broad skill base.

  • Ekrum
    • Ekrum Ashgar 
    • Group HR Manager
    • Hailing from the World Heritage and site of the Olympiad “bleedin’” Stratford, Ekky is a dyed-in-the-wool East Ender. Since leaving university he has worked in a variety of marketing roles, eventually...

  • Tim
    • Tim Webb 
    • Director of Technology
    • Although Tim programmed his dad's Commodore 64 at the age of 3, it was only in his final year at university that he really became heavily involved in real computers. Tim also moved into SEO by accident...

  • Dean
    • Dean Chew 
    • Head of Operations (Asia)
    • Joining Ayima in 2008, Dean had previously managed to combine years of meticulous self-hair styling with over a decade of top rank SEO experience and web development. Before working at Ayima, he worked...

  • Dan
    • Dan Smith 
    • Senior Developer
    • Dan has always been facinated with technology. From a young age his parents were constantly frustrated at his tendancy to take his toys apart to see how they worked. Once he was old enough to realise what a computer was, he never looked back.

  • Marcus
    • Marcus Holmstrom 
    • Director of Client Relations - Ayima Nordic
    • In a company that contains some of the pioneers of SEO, Marcus has probably been working in the business longer than anyone else at Ayima. He has founded a number of companies, some of which now count as the major online players in Sweden and the Nordic area.

  • Björn
    • Björn Mannerqvist 
    • Director of Operations - Ayima Nordic
    • Combining substantial experience of SEO and an entrepreneurial spirit, it is only natural that Bjorn gravitated towards Ayima. He also brings a wealth of knowledge of the Nordic online world to the company.

  • Rob
    • Rob Kerry 
    • Co-founder
    • Rob was 14 years old when he started his first internet business and made his initial foray into SEO. Since then he has started a second solo web business, worked as Head of SEO for a renowned digital...

  • Jay
    • Jay Galsworthy 
    • Creative Director
    • Jay has been working in the digital industry most of his life, both agency and client side. He first met the founders of Ayima when working in-house at PartyGaming PLC, where Jay headed up the design team.

  • Jon
    • Jon Pritchard-Barrett 
    • Head of Content
    • Ever since having his first poem published in the school magazine aged eight, words and letters have boggled Jon’s mind. He took his first course in HTML 3.2 (which is quite a long time ago in internet...

  • Neil
    • Neil Dawson 
    • Director of Paid Search
    • Born in London and brought up in Norwich, Neil has been delivering search campaigns since 2002. Starting his career as sales manager for Norwich Union (as Aviva was then known), Neil became one of the founding members of the company's e-commerce team.