Ayima Offices

About Us

Ayima is unique in its marketplace, offering large organisations an alternative to an in-house SEO team. Whilst providing the services of a typical agency in terms of reporting and documentation, Ayima also spends time training and educating clients whilst also building bridges for cross-departmental collaboration. Effectively Ayima provides corporations with all the benefits of an in-house team, with the constantly updating knowledgebase of an agile marketing agency.

The company originally started back in 2002, as a start-up search engine built by Tim Webb and Mike Nott. The project was later mothballed in 2004 after Mike and Tim both joined PartyGaming Plc. Ayima’s rebirth began in July 2007, migrating from a search engine, to a boutique SEO consultancy with Mike Jacobson (also formerly of PartyGaming Plc) at the helm. Rob Kerry also joined the team, heading up the company’s search strategy and building his dream SEO team, with top consultants joining from across the globe. Ayima is now the largest dedicated SEO agency in the UK according to New Media Age magazine, with expected growth set to make the company one of the largest UK agencies in search by 2012.

Technology is an area that Ayima is most well-known for, utilising proprietary software and our own server farm to crawl the web and analyse entire verticals. Whilst other agencies rely on incomplete data from 3rd parties, Ayima has the ability to control and adapt the way in which it collates and analyses data, in-line with changes in the organic search space. Companies such as HitWise show people where SEO traffic is going to, Ayima can show companies the why and the how.

The fact that Ayima has no sales staff and acquires new clients through reputation and referrals alone, is testament to the unbeatable and trackable ROI that we deliver to our clients. With the UK’s biggest high street brands migrating their SEO campaigns over to Ayima and a growing blue chip client base in the United States, we continue to strive to offer even more insight and performance month-on-month.